The Ninja Kids incursion sees Team Red & Team Blue compete for the ultimate title of CHAMPION, as they earn points for their team to see who will come out on top as the WINNER!

Our Ninja OBSTACLE COURSE will put the kids physical & mental strength to the test; testing their speed, strength, balance, aim, crawling & climbing abilities.


* This incursion can be done outside on an oval (with hats, sunscreen & drink bottles) or in a sports hall (best not to use the oval in Dec/Jan heat)

* This incursion was specifically designed for primary school aged children and is suitable for both boys & girls

* All instructors/performers are trained professionals with up-to-date blue cards

* Activity Risk Assessments are available upon request

* Stardom Entertainment supplies all required equipment necessary to run this program

* Stardom Entertainment maintains a cover of $20,000,000 in Public & Products Liability Insurance

* Before making a booking, CONTACT US to check date availability