Who ever said fitness can’t be fun?

The FunLetics incursion combines a range of little athletics sports done in a way that the kids will love. This program focuses on improving fine gross motor skills, agility and cardio vascular fitness – mixed with a whole lot of FUN!


The kids will be coached through a range of athletic activities including:


* Javelin

* Hurdles

* Long Jump

* Relay Races

* Agility Ladder Training

* Jump Rope Challenge


* This incursion can be done outside on an oval (with hats, sunscreen & drink bottles) or inside a sports hall

* This incursion was specifically designed for primary school aged children and is suitable for both boys & girls

* All instructors/performers are trained professionals with up-to-date blue cards

* Activity Risk Assessments are available upon request

* Stardom Entertainment supplies all required equipment necessary to run this program

* Stardom Entertainment maintains a cover of $20,000,000 in Public & Products Liability Insurance

* Before making a booking, CONTACT US to check date availability