It’s so much more than just a disco!

Our Glow Party incursion is a GLOW IN THE DARK themed disco full of dancing, games & prizes.

Have the kids dress in neon or white for the full glow effect, along with the glow paint & glow sticks we provide.

The kids deserve to let loose and have some FUN!

* Disco Music   * Laser Lighting   * Smoke Machines   * Glow Sticks   * Glow Paint


* This incursion requires an indoor space with minimal light in order for the smoke & lights to be effective

* Our smoke machine smog is 100% safe and not at all hazardous to the children

* We supply water based glow paint & glow sticks for all the kids

* All music is 100% child-friendly (clean lyrics)

* We reccomend setting up a drinks table for the kids

* We will need easy access to a working power point

* Our staff are trained in workplace health & safety and will ensure all equipment set-up complies with OH&S regulations

* This incursion was specifically designed for primary school aged children and is suitable for both boys & girls

* All instructors/performers are trained professionals with up-to-date blue cards

* Activity Risk Assessments are available upon request

* Stardom Entertainment supplies all required equipment necessary to run this program

* Stardom Entertainment maintains a cover of $20,000,000 in Public & Products Liability Insurance

* Before making a booking, CONTACT US to check date availability