Kids LOVE K-Pop!

Get the kids involved with the latest craze that is K-Pop. 

Our K-Pop Kidz incursion is focused on bringing the amazing K-Pop dance culture to the kids, teaching them the latest & greatest K-Pop dance moves.

This program will level up their K-Pop dancing skills allowing them to showoff their newly learnt moves to their family & friends.


* This is a class program and requires no more than 25 kids at a time, in one group session

* The instructor will bring a wireless speaker and use age appropriate music & lyrics

* This incursion requires a large undercover area to be run effectively

* This incursion was specifically designed for primary school aged children and is suitable for both boys & girls

* All instructors/performers are trained professionals with up-to-date blue cards

* Activity Risk Assessments are available upon request

* Stardom Entertainment supplies all required equipment necessary to run this program

* Stardom Entertainment maintains a cover of $20,000,000 in Public & Products Liability Insurance

* Before making a booking, CONTACT US to check date availability